35 Most Fashionable Valentine’s Day Nail Artwork Designs

35 Most Fashionable Valentine’s Day Nail Artwork Designs

For a big occasion like Valentine’s Day, you need no less than festive nails to complement your beautiful look. Nail art for the 14th of February is about vibrant colors, especially reds and pinks, which are considered symbols of love. Elegant, romantic nail designs have shown up; they range from minimal to complicated ones that are full of fantastic details. Following, Pouted lifestyle magazine presents a number of the most trendy Valentine’s Day nail art designs for 2020.

1 Go pink

Pink notably appeared as a color trend in Valentine’s Day 2020, not only on nails but also as a part of home decorations for the celebration of love. One of the best things about pink is that it has a variety of shades that can be employed to create different styles and nail art designs. If you want to use a light degree, you could combine it with vibrant colors like gold. Pinkish nails with see-through tips also look fantastic. Pearly pink is another trendy option to consider.

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2 French manicure

French manicure is a massive retro nail trend in 2020, coming back from the 90s. The trend in its original form is about combining rosy nails with white tips. It has been witnessing modern twists since recalled from the past, including employing barely-there nail polishes and beige nude shades for the tips. For such a classic Valentine’s Day nails, go for natural-looking nails with red tips. It is a minimal nail design that makes a perfect combination of simple and hot. Another color combination that has been trendy this winter is grey with orange tips. Black and magenta have also been popular as tip shades.

3 Combination of mauve and latte

Another impressive minimal nail art spotted by Elle on Instagram gathers pinkish mauve with a latte shade in a quite chic nail look. It is a perfect choice for those who love subtle nails. It is also a chance to remind you that geometric nail art has been a massive trend for years; no wonder for it is quite captivating with its simplicity.

4 Red nails

Red has always been expressive of Valentine’s day. If you want a bold nail look, go all red; ruby, glittery red is one trendy option to go for. Another hot employment of red is to mix it with black. On the other hand, you can add accents of reds for subtler nails. This stellar nail art design that Elle showed, for example, consists of little red hearts distributed beautifully on a natural-looking background.

5 Floral nail art

Just like red, flowers and roses are synonyms of Valentine. Florals are vibrant addition that would indeed freshen and complement your look no matter with which way you incorporate them into it. So, if you are fond of floral nail art, it is time to rock one this 14th of February. This purple and white floral design, spotted by Good Housekeeping, looks stunning! And there are a lot of other designs, for florals are one of the biggest nail art trends. So, rest assured that you are going to find what suits you.

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6 Animal prints

Animal prints nail art has been big in 2020. It is a wild, edgy nail look, especially when paired with long nail shapes like the stiletto. However, the trend could also be employed more quietly when animal prints are combined with shorter nail shapes and cool colors. Pick the animal print you prefer and combine it with a Valentine color, and you’ve got yourself a perfect nail look to celebrate with. This pink animal prints that Elle showed looks amazing!

7 Pink sky nail art

This beautiful nail art that Harpersbazaar displayed from Instagram is quite simple, yet captivating. It comprises white clouds on a pink, natural-looking background. It is a stellar expression of the minimal nail art trend that has been prominent in the past few years.

8 Abstract nail designs

Abstract nail art is another elegant nail trend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. Abstract effects could be achieved with simple designs and employment of geometric shapes. Abstract nail art could also be created by mixing colors in a random-looking manner. However, having a more complicated, artistic nail art demands a real nail art pro. An example of such creative designs is this beautiful one, also spotted by Harpersbazaar; it is executed with thin white lines on a bright red background.

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Nail art demands effort and time. Yet, the result is always more than satisfying. These nail designs are among the trendiest for Valentine’s Day 2020. We hope that you have found among them what matches your taste and outfit of the big love event. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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